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1. AQSA Matrimonial

Aqsa organises it's Matrimonial section for sayyid men and women . In addition to the matrimony Aqsa help poor sayyid families as an assistance to the marriage and followed ceremonies . Any sayyid or sayyidath can register to the Aqsa matrimonial online or directly. Registration includes a registration fee only RS.250 . We also aid the well knowing of the two families before marriage,thus we assure you a better married life with our knowhow.

2. Moral Academy Scholarship (FORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN DOWNLOADS)

Sayyid families have thier role as 'moral value protectors' in the society. The Moral Academy Scholarship has been distributed to studious pupil since the recent years. It is aimed at encouraging intelligent students among sayyid families. It also provides a venue to appreciate the student's moral values and religious knowledge.

3. Sadath Historical Library

Sadath Historical Library is a new initiative of Aqsa. It has a collection of Sadath historical books and publications. in Arabic, English, Malayalam,etc.It is an oppurtunity to read and grow both spiritually and generally. It is aimed at pertaining the culture and traditons of sayyid families through better know how.

4. Mashalath Cell

It provides counselling as well as compromising social issues between people in an better way with out any legal proceedures. Mashalath cell adopts the old tradition of settling issues in the presence of reverent Sayyid's

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