Memorandum of Association

1) To work for the spiritual uplift and materialistic progress of SAYYIDS and their respective families.

2) To get engaged in all such actions and steps as will be needful to secure all the rights and benefits that are due to the individuals who belong to the SAYYID FAMILIES from around the state of Kerala.

3) To bring forth the problems and difficulties faced by the citizen of the state of Kerala (irrespective of their genealogical origin) before the reigning government and to work out possible solutions for the same.

4) To purchase land and other properties or assets as may turn out to be necessary so as to protect the noble aims and broad interests of this organization.

5) To establish Institutions and to adopt due follow-ups thereof, for the Educational and Spiritual Progress of Individuals from SAYYID FAMILIES as well as others.

6) To act as an appellate forum to solve the problems and grievances faced by the members of SAYYID FAMILIES and others of the state as well.

7) To take steps to protect the destitute and orphans of the state and to help them on self-reliance in acquiring education and subsequent placement.

8) To assume promotional activities as may render helpful for youngsters of SAYYID FAMILIES who undergo religious education.

9) To hold medical camps and make arrangements for the necessary medical treatments and financial aid as the case may be, for individuals who deserve such medical treatments or financial aid.

10) To take all the steps possible to safeguard the unity and integrity of the country.

11) To celebrate National as well as Religious Festivals like Independence Day and Milad-e- Sherif (Birthday of the Prophet SAWS).

12) To co-ordinate efforts to establish and maintain healthy Marital Relations between matching couples from among the SAYYID FAMILIES.

13) To protest peacefully, well within the framework of the Constitution of the India, against Immoral Traffic and Social Injustice.

14) To work for enhancing cordial relation and better understanding between the followers of various religions and to strive for the common improvement of the nation.

15) To supervise and directly control the sub-committees organized to the effect of realizing the above-mentioned aims and objectives.

16) To see and review that any activity or policy undertaken by the organization fully accords with all the rules and regulations prevailing in the country.

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